Top Alternative Activities To-Do In Rhodes.

Rhodes offers a variety of cultures for you to experience!Transfer yourself to an other style of fun! Thankfully there is something for every one to enjoy. Today we will take a small peek in the not so known activities for you to be a part of, and have fun while doing it! Of course the activities are scattered around the island, which provides a way for you to witness the natural beauties of Rhodes. Let’s dive in!


Emponas has a fame for its wines! Locally grown grapes (the biggest and most important grape-producings village) offer a unique taste to the wine. Besides wine tasting you can visit a local taverna. A good wine must have a nice dish to accompany it with. Emponas’ restaurants have a well-deserved reputation for its roast lamb. A wine festival is held in September, so plan accordingly!

Wine tasting Emponas


Profitis Ilias mountain is the third highest in Rhodes island. You can find a variety of restaurants and hotels on the bottom of the mountain. But what makes it really worth visiting is the hike to the top. You can expect to experience a full grown forest of pines along the way to the top of the mountain. Calming, a break from the Greek sun. With its 300 stair your effort will be rewarded once on the top where you will find a 360 degree beautiful view of the island. Also,on top you will find an old orthodox-christian church! During your hike you will find a villa meant for Mussolini who never visited it, and also the old villa of Mario de Vecchi. Transfer there everyday the whole year round!

Mount Profitis Ilias


Apart from the beautiful scenery, almost every organised beach in Rhodes has a kiosk that offers sea sport activities. You can choose between: Windsurfing, Parasailing, water skiing, diving underwaiter, cable skiing, canoeing and much more depending what kiosk is offering. A truly unique experience where the adrenaline is over the roof! Of course introduction lessons are being offered so everyone can be a part of the fun!


Special mention is for the prassonisi wind surf. Prassonisi is a very famous windsurf destination! The excellent geographic location, the coast line and the constant wind (meltemi) on one side makes it the perfect place for you to windsurf in two dimetrically different conditions! Prassonisi is a natural barrier between the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea. If the idea even interests you a bit, prassonisi is a must visit!

windsurfing in prasonisi


The aquarium of Rhodes is on the top of the island. Walking along the seaside will lead you to the aquarium of the northern end of Rhodes. The unique architecture of the building will let you know when you have arrived. There you will get to know sime of the underwater life in the aegean and eastern mediterranean sea. Going in is like being in an actual underwater sea cave, artfully decorated in order for it to be fully immersive. It’s a great family visit, fun for our little ones!

aquarium of rhodes


Rhodes, apart from the well known beaches, has some lesser known but equally(or more) beautiful sand beaches that you have to ask someone local to advise you. You can send us a message and discuss about it on facebook  as well as viber, whatsapp, and email via our contact us tab! Some of these beaches are: oasis, Anthony Quinn( named after the famous actor who fell in love while filming “the guns of Navarone”. And “Golden Coast”. Transfer there with us and be sure to let us know what you thought!



Rhodes has a past deep in the B.C. times. just 2 Km outside the centre you can find a beautiful ancient stadium. The stadium’s vibe sends a chill up your spine if you consider that once upon a time marathon runners of the first olympics were stepping foot where you are right now! Τhe original surviving parts include the “Sphendone” (rounded end with turning post), the “Proedries” (the place where officials used to seat) and some of the lower seats in the auditorium.In addition just a few meters away the gymnasium rests which was basically a massive square shaped edifice; archaeologists have managed to recover significant art works from this site.


Rhodes is one the biggest island in the mediterranean, from there you can organise one-day trips to Symi or Halki. We can cover your transfer from and to the port. Arrange your transportation with our bookings tab!


That’s what we can recommend besides enjoying your vacation in our island! For any questions we are there for you to discuss and recommend with our minds only on how you can truly have the most fun!

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