Top 10 beaches in Rhodes.


You can’t think greek islands without the sun and the greek beaches right? After a hot day experiencing the treasures of the island, the best way to cool down is a trip to the beach. In this article we will try to cover some of the most beaches (well-known or not). Our main goal is to let you know what beach suits you the most! Let’s start!

Elli beach

We can’t help but start with the beach located in the centre of the city. A beach with many comforts that suits everyone. The beach is on the top of the island so depending where you choose to sit you will get a different experience. If you walk the coast line from the casino to the aquarium you get a calm sea, beach bars and a 10 meter diving board. When you pass the aquarium the environment changes, the sea becomes harsher with big waves and with no beach bars is a calming environment for the family. Choose what fits you best!

beach in the centre of city

Oasis Beach

Oasis beach transfers you in a more movie like beach but keeps some traditional elements of the greek tamperament. Deep inside a small forest, Oasis beach offers some smooth sand, lovely coctails from the bars, and parties! It has the best vibe for the ones who seek out a nice beach bar for the night and to go for a swim all at once! Be sure to check out if the beach organizes a party!

Faliraki Beach

Again, Faliraki is a beach for everyone, with its massive size, you can find everything, from taverns in the sand, to beach bars and of course water sports. Some areas offer beach bars for the more party like visitors, others let you enjoy with your family the sand and relax with some food options that will leave you nothing but satisfaction with your choice. Another pro for the faliraki beach is that it is close to a lot of the hotels in the island, if not that’s why we are here! We can arrange your transfer your prefered time and pick you up whenever you like!

Lindos Beach

Lindos has a very nice sand beach with a view to the castle and the traditional village. The village in general is a must visit if you are on vacation in Rhodes, so what better way to close your visit with a trip to the beach. Additionally the view in Lindos when the sun sets is phenomenal, so arrange your stay accordingly! Next to lindos is the St. Paul beach which is a natural wonder in our eyes.

Afantou Beach

One of the most family friendly beaches in Rhodes. Probably the most relaxing beach due to its vast size, be prepared to not be distracted by anything other than the sun and the sea, be prepared though as in afantou beach there aren’t many beach bars close together. So pack your necesities before had (sunscreen, water and everything you might need).Beware,afantou beach doesn’t have sand,rather it has small rocks so take care of your feet! Fun fact: in Afantou you may find some old military stations placed there during World War II, hidden in the hot sun!

Ladiko Beach

Ladiko is well-known for its crystal clear waters. Located in southern Rhodes, a small beach with its traditional greek beach style.

There isn’t much to say about the island’s treasures. It is certain that the key-word for summer vacations in greece is its beaches. So we will let the pictures talk on their own! Any questions you may have, feel free to contact us and we will try to make your vacation as easy as we can!

Haraki Beach

Golden Sand

Kolimpia Beach

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για kolymbia rhodes


As the start of the season is upon us, we wish you happy travelling! Enjoy your stay in Rhodes and for your transfer needs we are here to accomodate you! Book your transfer with us! Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, leave a like/follow to learn more from us!

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